The Alter Ego is a personal water filtration and hydration duo designed to accommodate the urban traveller and the outdoor enthusiast on a day expedition, as well as the humanitarian worker and the globetrotter in a developing country for whom access to clean water is a matter of survival. The Alter Ego duo is your perfect hydration companion. Buy yours now and help ONE DROP provide sustainable water access to your alter egos worldwide.


Approximate Filters Life Time
Globetrotter filter up to 99.9999%
75 gal/285L
Outdoor filter up to 99.99%
200 gal/750L

Filter life time will vary upon water quality used.

Filter will clog at the end of its lifetime.


Filters up to 99,9999%*
of contaminants

  • - Filters Fluoride
  • - Keeps beneficial minerals
  • - Instant filtration
  • - Filters river, lake and tap water
  • - Filters viruses & bacterias
  • Multi Patented filtration technology
  • EPA/ANSI protocols
  • Exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53


For every Alter Ego duo sold, AQUAOVO donates part of the proceeds to
ONE DROP, an international non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable water access programs worldwide. ONE

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Alter | Personal Water Bottle


Alter Ego | Outdoor (99.99%)


Alter Ego | Globetrotter (99.9999%)


Ego | Water Filter Assembly


Outdoor | Water Filter Cartridge (99.99%)


Globetrotter | Water Filter Cartridge (99.9999%)




Alter Ego Mechanics

To learn more about the technology that makes your Alter Ego duo so efficient

Alter Ego Performances

The Alter Ego technology provides the greatest reduction per contaminant.

Tests & Certifications

A sample of the test results and certifications earned by the Alter Ego technology



Can I wash my alter Ego bottle in the dishwasher?

The bottle and caps are top rack dishwasher safe. Hand-wash for a longer life time. The filter assembly and filter cartridge are not dishwasher safe.

How should I wash my filter assembly and filter cartridge?

The filter assembly (straw and flip cap) should be hand washed with a mild soap and warm water. DO NOT wash the water filter cartridge with any soap or detergent. Rinse with clear water.

The water coming out of my Alter Ego Globe-Trotter has a very strong taste and smell. What should I do?

The Globe-Trotter filter cartridge has an iodine pre-filter that takes care of purifying the nasty stuff from your drinking water. An iodine concentration build-up can occur when the cartridge sits in the water for several hours without being used and it may give a strong iodine taste to the water in some cases. First off, Iodine is not harmful and it’s presence is something you want when dealing with contaminated water. This being said, the Globe-Trotter filter cartridge is designed to remove all iodine taste and smell from water when the concentration is not too high. Follow these steps if your water tastes like iodine. 1- Empty the bottle and rinse it with clear water 2- Remove all water from inside the filtration assembly and cartridge by blowing vigorously into the straw. 3- Fill the bottle with fresh water and drink normally. The iodine taste should now be gone. Repeat if you can still taste or smell iodine.

Which Alter Ego model should I choose, Outdoor or Globetrotter?

The Alter Ego Outdoor comes with the Outdoor water filter cartridge (99.99%) and is ideal to fulfill all of your urban and backcountry needs in the Northern hemisphere where viruses and water-born pathogens are not a problem. It removes up to 99.99% (Outdoor filter) of water contaminants including Giardia and Cryptosporidium but is ineffective against viruses and bacterias. The Alter Ego Globetrotter comes standard with the Globetrotter water filter cartridge (99.9999%) that will keep you safe when your journey brings you in remote places and countries of the southern hemisphere where the water can become a deadly poison. It removes up to 99.9999% of water contaminants including viruses and bacterias.

How long will my filter cartridge last?

The Globetrotter filter cartridge filters up to 75 gallons (285L) per filter. The Outdoor filter cartridge filters up to 200 gallons (750L) per filter.

How will I know when it’s time to change my filter cartridge?

The filter cartridge will clog at the end of its lifetime. Change it when it becomes too difficult to suck water out of the straw. The water remains safe to drink until the filter clogs completely.

How can I tell the difference from the globetrotter cartridge and the outdoor cartridge?

Although we are currently working on a way to clearly identify the globetrotter cartridge from the Outdoor cartridge, both cartridges presently share the same outer shell and they look alike. When new, there’s a yellow sticker at the bottom of the Globetrotter cartridge where the Outdoor cartridge doesn’t have one. Once in use, the Globetrotter cartridge can be identified by a strong iodine smell and a yellow stain of the screen located at the bottom of the cartridge.

Can the iodine contained in my Globetrotter filter cartridge stain fabrics and hard surfaces?

Yes, it’s a possibility if the cartridge is not handled properly. The Globetrotter cartridge contains various filtration media, the first being an iodinated resin which kills bacteria and viruses to the 6 log level ( 99.9999%). Iodine is a highly potent element and it will stain if in direct contact with fabrics and hard surfaces. This being said iodine is not harmful and it’s presence is something you want when dealing with contaminated water. If the Globetrotter cartridge is left standing outside of the bottle without being flushed first, there may be drainage of some excess water that has been sitting in the iodine pre-filter which could result in a stain on your counter top or favorite scarf. We are recommending to blow out the excess water from the filter assembly and cartridge before letting it dry (see the STORAGE section in the user manual that comes with the bottle). We also recommend to store the Globetrotter cartridge on its side, or the whole filter assembly head down (cartridge up)

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