Alter Ego | Globetrotter (99.9999%)

Alter Ego | Globetrotter (99.9999%)
Eastman Tritan™ Co-Polymer, PP#5, Food Grade Silicone
23.5oz - 2.5" x 3.2" x 10.5", 7oz

> Removes up to 99.9999% of water contaminants
> Filters up to 75 gallons per filter
> 1 Globe-Trotter filter = 658 less disposable plastic bottles and up to $750 in savings
> Water tight and easy to wash
> BPA and Phthalates Free

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Alter Ego is a personal water filtration and hydration duo. It was designed to accommodate the Urban Traveler and the Outdoor Enthusiast on a day expedition, as well as the Globetrotter and the Restless Backcountry Trekker for which access to clean water is a matter of survival.


For every Alter Ego duo sold, AQUAOVO donates part of the proceeds to ONE DROP, an international non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable water access programs worldwide. Each Alter Ego duo you purchase will help ONE DROP bring fresh and clean water to someone in need. The more you purchase, the more you become part of the change. It's as simple as that!


The Alter Ego filtration technology provides the greatest reduction per contaminant, removing everything up to six log (99.9999%) from chlorine and heavy metals to agricultural run-off and industrial waste. Laboratory tested and field-proven over ten years, Alter Ego water filters can transform a questionable water source into clean-tasting, contaminant-free water. Your Alter Ego duo comes standard with the Globetrotter water filter cartridge (99.9999%) that will keep you safe when your journey brings you where the water can become a deadly poison. The optional Outdoor water filter cartridge (99.99%) is also available to fulfill all of your urban and backcountry needs in the Northern hemisphere where viruses and water-born pathogens are not a problem.  Click here to consult the Alter Ego Reduction Comparison Chart for all the details.


•   Removes up to 99.9999% (Globetrotter filter) of water contaminants including viruses and bacterias

•   Filters up to 75 gallons per filter. Filter cartrdige naturally clogs at the end of its lifetime

•   1 Globe-Trotter cartridge prevents up to 658 disposable plastic bottles from entering the landfills and up to $750 from flowing out of your pockets*

•   Multi-Patented Filtration Technology EPA/ANSI Certified & exceeds NSF standards 42 & 53

•   Leaves no metallic after-taste

•   Water tight and easy to wash

•   Easy filling scavenger bottom lid

•   Seamless V shaped design, fits all hand sizes

•   Brings clean water to the developing world through our partnership with ONE DROP

•   100% BPA Free recyclable and replaceable

•   Filters are made in the USA

•  Proudly designed and assembled in Canada


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