Alter Ego Frio - Outdoor (99.99%)

$ 65.00


Laboratory tested and field-proven over ten years, the Alter Ego frio personal water filter can transform any water source into clean-tasting and contaminant-free water. The Outdoor filter is perfect to fulfill all of your urban and hiking/camping needs.

ALTER EGO MECHANICS: the greatest reduction per contaminant

The Alter Ego technology provides the greatest reduction per contaminant,
removing everything 
(up to 99.99%) from chlorine and heavy metals to agricultural run-off and industrial waste. Laboratory tested and field-proven over ten years, the Alter Ego water filters can transform a questionable water source into clean-tasting, contaminant-free water.

All Alter Ego water filters are extensively tested by only the highest quality,
independent state approved laboratories certified to test under strict EPA/ ANSI
protocols and NSF standards 42 & 53. The materials in the filter are FDA food-grade approved, and the filter itself is manufactured under ISO 9000 standards.


The Alter Ego Water Filtration Technology is in a class of its own.
Utilizing the CRM Blend of proprietary medias, our water filters are
able to delineate between harmful pollutants and beneficial minerals
in your water supply. All Alter Ego water filters are calibrated to make
this distinction and allow the passing-through of Magnesium,
Calcium, Iron, and others.

A blend of proprietary medias bonded in a chelative matrix to effectively remove heavy metals, industrial and agricultural pollutants, and trace pharmaceuticals. The Covalent Reduction Matrix configuration coordinates various filtration methods for contaminant reduction, including adsorption, absorption, chemical bonding, chelation, and depth filtration.

Intricate pore network forcing contaminants through a complex path design resulting in the greatest reduction per contaminant.

Guardian BioDefense technology provides up to a 3-Log (99.9%) reduction on microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Designed for use with untreated fresh water sources, Guardian BioDefense provides a mechanical, non-chemical defense against the threat of waterborne illness.

All Alter Ego plastic materials are made using PP#5 plastic, which is non-toxic, food-grade and a BPA free resin.

Whether at the gym, camping, traveling or during an emergency situation, your Alter Ego frio bottle ensures a safe and abundant water source at all times.


  • Isothermal bottle: keeps water and ice cold up to 24h or steaming hot up to 10h
  • The OUTDOOR filter cartridge removes up to 99.99% of contaminants.
  • Straw filtration technology allows for simple and immediate use
  • Filters heavy metals, agricultural run off, industrial waste as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Filters river, lake and tap water
  • Filters up to 750L per filter cartridge
  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle
  • Straw filter assembly can be used on its own as a survival hydration method in streams, rivers and lakes with minimal weight and size
  • Bottle can also be used for tea and coffee
  • Leaves no after-taste
  • Laboratory tested and field-proven over 10 years
  • Waterproof and easy to wash
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Recyclable and replaceable
  • Filters are made in the USA



  • Pro Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • PP#5, Food Grade Silicone
  • 21oz/620ml - 2.5" x 3.2" x 10.5"