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This is a brand new edition of the OVOPUR eco-design water filtration unit. Now with ceramics handcrafted by the Northern French artisans, the Lille Edition features re-designed flowing curves and a sparkling white robe. 

With its natural, innovative design that has won many prizes and that has been part of the permanent Decorative Arts & Design collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the last decade, OVOPUR is a functional and performant piece of art that will help you bring back water at the center of your daily life.



  • This item ships for free in Canada and Continental USA!
  • You save 20% on your extra cartridges and you get a free rinsing board
    • This starter pack includes 1 OVOPUR unit on glass base, 1 year worth of filter cartridges (3), 1 rinsing board and a subscription to the OVO+3 AUTO filter cartridge replacement program and warranty coverage.
    • A worry-free pack: You get a full year of replacement filter cartridges now and your AVANTAGE OVO+ program program will automatically renew at 20% off the regular price at the same date next year, and the year after, and after, and after... or until you decide otherwise.

    • Handcrafted ceramics made in Lille, France
    • Holds up to 11 litres/2.9 gallons.
    • The oval shape eases the circulation and regeneration of water
    • Glass base handmade by local glass blowers in Canada
    • Can easily be turned into a beverage dispenser for cocktails and other cold drinks
    • Prevents stagnation and reduces the risk of bacterial growth
    • An award winning design that is part of the permanent design objects collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts since 2009.



    • 11 Liters (2,9 gal) Capacity
    • 11 x 14 x 29in, 24 lb
    • 3 AQUACRISTAL filter cartridges included (12 months supply) 
    • 1 glass base included
    • 1 Structural Baltic Birch veneer wood rinsing board included
    • Sparkling white handcrafted traditional ceramic with natural variations
    • Materials: Ceramic, Glass, Stainless Steel, PE, Felt, Activated Carbon, KDF55, Quartz Sand, Micro-Porous Bioceramic beads



    The unique shape of our water filtration unit did not result from sheer serendipity. 

    The OVOPUR unit combines the unique shape of an egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalize water. Its sleek curves and total absence of right angles allow water to flow freely and naturally. Temperature differences and normal flow induce a biotic movement that prevents stagnation, reduces the risk of bacteria buildup, and helps to revitalize the water.

    Inspired by the work of water research pioneers, its shape eases the circulation and regeneration of water. Its overall look is one of abundance, purity, rebirth, and infinity. Its appealing curves and use of fine materials like porcelain, wood, glass, and metal bear witness to our commitment to aesthetics and quality.


    Designed to take advantage of the knowledge about the new adsorbent materials and the timeless role of sand in water purification, AQUACRISTAL, the multilayer reusable glass cartridge at the heart of the OVOPUR, contains first quality filtration elements that have proven effective to eliminate chemical and organic pollutants from drinking water by mimicking the action of the natural filtration cycle underground. See the AQUACRISTAL product page for the details.



    Designed and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the OVOPUR eco-design water filtration unit is made from materials that fuse age-old traditions with tomorrow’s trends.

    The products of the AQUAOVO experience are painstakingly handcrafted following age-old traditions and the renewable development guidelines. Our artisans are located in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. They are all selected for their knowhow and respect of our ethical and fair trade values. Woodworkers, glassblowers, and ceramicists come together to create a perfect, functional piece of art set to become a valuable part of our daily life.



    Our AQUACRISTAL glass filter cartridge is reusable: a first on the market! Return your used cartridge in its packaging. We will take care to recycle and reuse most of the parts so that we can continue to offer the filtration experience with the lowest environmental impact on the market.

    All our products are made of sustainable, renewable or recyclable materials. Plastic components have been kept to a minimum and are generally recyclable.

    Our packaging materials are carefully selected to minimize their impact on the ecological cycle. In addition, they are mainly made from recycled and recyclable materials.

    The AQUAOVO experience advantageously makes it possible to stop the consumption of bottled water, a polluting industry that uses more than 80 billion plastic bottles a year in America alone and whose transportation activities are actively involved in the creation of greenhouse gases.

    A single AQUAOVO filtration unit can prevent the purchase, use and disposal of up to 12,000 plastic bottles per year, or nearly 480,000 bottles over your next forty years of active life. Now multiply this number by the thousands of AQUAOVO filtration units that are active on the planet!

    Through our choice of materials, our commitment to sustainable development and our policy of reusing filter cartridges, we set new environmental standards to meet the demands of our customers and the needs of our planet.

    We adhere unconditionally to a philosophy of social, ethical and environmental commitment.



    Its versatile design offers two easy modes: safe and convenient, the filtration mode with the AQUACRISTAL cartridge ensures a high quality year round water supply. More fun, the OVOBAR mode allows you to turn your OVOPUR into a stylish and functional beverage dispenser for when you throw a party or for a special event.

    Download the OVOPUR Instructions and presentation booklet for more details.




      • This item ships for FREE in continental Canada and continental USA.
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      At AQUAOVO, we are deeply committed to providing a superior shopping experience to our customers. We include a 60-day 100% satisfaction warranty with each filtration fountain. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 60 days of receipt of shipment and we will gladly replace the product, exchange it for another or refund the purchase price of the item.


      This warranty covers all porcelain and glass parts of our water fountains against accidental breakage under normal conditions of use. If for any reason you accidentally break a piece of glass or porcelain from your device, we will replace it free of charge for a period of two (2) years after the initial delivery.


      Each product we sell is covered by our 2 years manufacturer's warranty on bases, valves and parts such as silicone gaskets for malfunction or premature degradation in normal use. If you experience any problem during the warranty period, we will be able to provide exchange or repair services if necessary.


      The AVANTAGE OVO+ programs for the annual automated purchase of filter cartridges offer discounts on both cartridges and replacement parts beyond the terms of the original accidental breakage warranty. All water filters owners who are actively subscribed to one of our AVANTAGE OVO+ Annual Cartridge Replacement Programs are automatically covered by this extended accidental breakage warranty. This warranty covers all porcelain, ceramics and glass parts of our water filters against accidental breakage under normal use. The subscription gives you:

      A 20% discount on all your replacement filter cartridges
      A 20% discount on all replacement parts purchased after the initial two years coverage of our standard warranty has expired

      This is only a sample of how well we back our products. See our Warranties & Returns page for full details.

      See our Warranties & Returns page for full details.